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Soongsil Institute of Fusion Technology

Soongsil Institute of Fusion Technology (SIFT) SIFT, a Leader in Fusion Technology in the 21st Century

Fusion is a trend of the times. From the industrial point of view, the 21st century is a period of knowledge-based fusion industries. This new period of global fusion technology requires that the old partitions and compartments that have long been a modus operandi in universities and industries be removed and that a new paradigm of consilience between disciplines, between technologies or industries be established to achieve packaging, hybridization, and even fusion of technologies. Soongsil Institute of Fusion Technology has been launched as an R&BD* organization in this context.

*R&BD: Research and Business Development

Vision and Development Strategies of SIFT

SIFT was established to produce creative and fusion-oriented students and researchers, to boost interdisciplinary research capabilities, and to lead the fusion technology in the academic and industrial fields. SIFT consists of nine groups: Green Energy Technology Group, Green Finance Fusion Group, Digital Broadcasting Content Fusion Group, Robot-Sensory Technology Fusion Group, Ubiquitous Welfare Fusion Group, Next Generation Mobile Web Group, Synthetic Life Technology Fusion Group, IT Fusion Industrial Technology, and Fusion Workforce Training Group. They all consist of University-Research-Industry experts. SIFT is drafting 767 Plan, which stipulates that we sign 7 major contracts, that we retain 6 world-class source technologies, and that we establish 7 world-class high technology-related institutes, all within next five years.