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Soongsil 2020 Scheme

Creative Challenge to 21C Through ‘Fusion'(Global-Local /University in Reality /Character, Professionalism) ->Ideals of Soongsil
 Fusional Talents (Challenge With Glocalism/Creativity With Consilience, Pragmatism/Practice With Servant Leadership,Fortitude/Education, Research, Service

Vision: Student-satisfying Strong University with Creative Challenge to 21C through ‘Fusion'Best Choice Soongsil


Description 01.Short-term, mid-term, long-term phases 02.Objectives in values: representing ideals of University 03.Improving University competitiveness through attracting top 10% freshmen

10대 핵심 성과지표

10대 핵심 성과지표
Item Unit 2009 Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Education① Employment rate%61.2637380
② Participants in volunteering servicesPerson1,4033,0005,00010,000
③ Instructions in English
(or native languages)
Faculty④ Full-time faculty ratio as per regulations%63.571.777.585
⑤ Research by full-time faculty (international/domestic)Publication283/784339/940424/1,176594/1,646
⑥ Full-time international faculty members Person385070100
Students⑦ Student satisfactionPoint/10057.7707585
⑧ International student ratio%3.810.015.020.0
Administration⑨ Administration satisfaction by University membersPoint/10061.3707585
Finance⑩ Tuition dependency
(excluding short-term fees)