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Exchange students may take up to 19 credits per semester. Normally, one course is awarded 2 to 3 credits. You will be able to register for your courses upon you arrival.

Courses taught in English

Approximately 17% of all courses taught at Soongsil University are in English. While Korean is used in the majority of departments, there are several programs in which a large majority of classes are taught in English: Lifelong Education, Christian Studies, English Language and Literature, Business Management and Media.

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Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Program has been developed specifically with international students in mind. It is designed for those students who are interested in learning or increasing their knowledge of Asian culture and history. Focusing specifically on history and culture of Korea both past and present, students will gain a greater understanding of Korea; its people and history, thus encouraging students to experience Korea from the inside. Students are offered courses at no extra cost. All courses are taught in English and are offered both Spring and Fall semesters. Upon completing a minimum of six courses, students, who have obtained a GPA of 2.5, will be awarded a certificate.

- Course list

  • Understanding Korean Society
  • Korean Arts and Culture
  • Introduction to Politics in East Asia
  • History of Korea
  • Applying Introductory Economics to the Real World
  • Social Networking and Popular Culture
  • Global Issues
  • Understanding East Asian Culture 
  • Global Governance
  • New Media and Globalization
  • A Global Perspective on Product Promotion
  • Great Powers and the World

Korean Language Course

All international students are offered leveled Korean language classes in the evening free of charge. These classes provide an excellent opportunity to improve Korean language skills and understand Korean culture. They will help students understand and use familiar expressions in everyday situations, which will help them make real life connections in Korea outside of the classroom.