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Graduate School of Education


Affiliated Majors

Educational Administration and Leadership Training, English Education, Early Childhood Education, Korean Language Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Technology, Lifelong Education and Human Resources Development (HRD), Early English Education, Korean as a Second Language Education

General Overview

The Graduate School of Education was established in 1996. The School is dedicated to provide state-of-the-art theories and practices in the field of education in general and subject instructions in particular. We mainly offer in-service training for active teachers in primary and secondary schools, but we also cater to other prospective teachers of any level of instruction, including preschool and kindergarten teachers. The School is proud of an excellent faculty-student relationship in and out of the classroom. The curricula include on-line lectures in addition to regular classroom seminars, which proves to be crucially helpful in terms of time and money (and energy, of course). The School offers interesting cultural experiences during the semester and during the vacation: this program is part of the curriculum.

The curricula of the Graduate School of Education are designed to gear students to become the leaders of global education in the 21st century. To achieve this goal, the curricula consist of two parts, common core and major-specific. The common core part of curricula, which includes general education courses, is required for all students. The major-specific part is subdivided into two sections: content-focused and method-focused courses. Theoretical knowledge and practical applications are balanced in the courses of each major area so that students can obtain enlightened perspectives on education during the coursework.