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Graduate School of Soongsil University


Affiliated Departments

Korean Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature , Chinese Language and Literature, Japanese Studies and Linguistics, Philosophy, History, Lifelong Education, Sport for All Studies, Creative Writing, Christian Studies, Law, Economics, Business Administration, International Trade, Accounting, Venture and Entrepreneurship, Social Welfare, Public Administration, Political Science and Diplomacy, Information Sociology, Journalism/PR/and Advertising, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Bioinformatics and Life Science, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computing, Industrial and Information Systems Engineering, Architecture, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Digital Media, Interior Design, Digital Broadcasting, Chemistry and Korea Chemistry Institute, IT Policy and Management, Culture Contents

General Overview

Soongsil was founded by Christian missionaries in Pyongyang in 1897 and became the first four-year college in Korea in 1905. After closing down for 16 years in protest of colonial oppression by the Japanese, Soongsil was re-established in Seoul in 1954. For over a century since its foundation, Soongsil has had an ongoing mission of contributing to society through education and research to the highest degrees of excellence.

The Graduate School of Soongsil University was established in 1972 with the goal of developing talented experts equipped with leadership and creativity who would study theories of a wide variety of subjects and their applications on a more profound level and make contributions to the development of academic fields. Currently, the Graduate School is a home to more than 14,000 hard-working students in 43 Master's degree programs and 38 Doctoral programs.

The Graduate School tries to expand learning and research opportunities for the students through collaboration with other foreign as well as domestic graduate schools. Currently, the Graduate School offers a variety of exchange programs, including credit-exchange and dual-degree programs, by setting up sister-school relationships with many universities from all around the world. For the exchange students from sister universities, we offer full scholarships; for regular international students, we offer 80% scholarships. For Master's applicants who are graduating from Soongsil colleges with excellent academic records, we provide full scholarships for two years.

Having witnessed the rapidity of change in the first decade of the 21st century, we are facing new challenges and new opportunities. Our School is well prepared to admit prospective students who want to go forward and upward in society by taking these challenges and opportunities and become experts in their specialized fields. The faculty of the Graduate School is dedicated to offering quality education and research environments for the students.

Educational Goals/Objectives

We aim to produce future-oriented academic professionals with Christian ethics who are willing to serve the society and the global community. Our objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • To produce intellectuals who are willing to venture into a new world;
  • To produce experts in the information-based and globalized society;
  • To produce Christian scholars with high moral standards; and
  • To produce servant-leaders who are willing to contribute to the society and the humankind.