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  • Office : Jo Mansik Hall 315
  • Phone : 02-820-0045
  • Fax : 02-824-4382
  • Email :

General Overview

The kind of sport the Department is concerned with is not elite sport but sport for ordinary people, sport for all. We are concerned with the well-being of the general public and their ordinary sport activities. The Department aims to produce professional sport leaders, coaches and trainers for ordinary people. We teach Human Anatomy, Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Education, Sport Psychology, and Sport Marketing, among others, to understand human body and mind, together with training methods for various sports.

Educational Goals/Objectives

We place emphasis on understanding of human body as well as specific training methods. For this purpose we provide comprehensive curricula, including Leadership in Sport for All, Human Anatomy, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Sport Psychology, Sport Marketing, and Leisure and Recreation. The departmental objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • diversity and professionalism in education
  • practical leadership
  • flexible curricula for the social change
  • professional sport businessmen

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

Theory of Sport for All, Human Anatomy, Leadership in Sport for All, Introduction to Sport for All Program, Sport Administration and Law, Research Methods of Sport for All, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Sport Industry, Sport Marketing, Sociology of Sport, Information in Sport for All, Sport Psychology, Sport and Mental Health, Event Business in Sports, Theory and Practice of Adapted Physical Education, Sports Physiology, Leisure and Recreation, Exercise Prescription, First Aid, Training Methods, Weight Training, Gymnastics, Golf, Inline Hockey, Swimming, Dance Sports, Aerobic Exercise, Gymnastics in Sport for All, Group Exercise, Table Tennis, Tennis, Health and Rhythmic Exercise, Gymnastics, New Sports, Badminton, Bowling, Water Sports, Ski, Team Sports, Practicum in Sport for All

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

You may proceed to be a leader in sports, a sport scholar, or a sport administrator, equipped with theoretical knowledge and sport skills. You may want to go on to graduate school to become a research fellow at Sport Science Institute, hospitals, or other sport-related institutions and organizations.

Related Licenses

Class I, Class II, Class III Leader of Sport for All
Referee/Leader licenses for various sports and related associations