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General Overview

We see literature not just as written text but as a more comprehensive concept that includes visual arts and as whole communication activities. Curricular and extracurricular activities provided by the Department support prospective writers, scriptwriters, and copywriters. These efforts encourage students to be serious writers as well as popular writers. Acclaimed writers regularly attend departmental special lectures and field trips and share their literary expertise and personal experiences as writers with students.

Educational Goals/Objectives

Based on traditional literary values, the Department teaches students to be able to produce various forms of literature for the information age. We also strive for Christianity-conscious literature as well as universal literature.

Areas of Specialization and/or Course Titles

  • Core Courses: Seminar in Creative Writing, Introduction to Literary Theory, Philosophy of Art and Literature, Christianity and Classical Literature, Literature and Imagination
  • Studies in Literary Genres: Introduction to Poetry, Introduction to Novel, Introduction to Play, Introduction to Literary Criticism, Practice in Novel Writing
  • Applications of Literature: Documentary Composition, Practice in Writing TV Drama, Editorial Practice, Practice in Writing Copies

Career Opportunities/Job Situation

Writing is extremely important in modern society. Once students get training in writing and analyzing texts at the Department, they will be offered various kinds of job opportunities that involve writing.

  • The Department steadily produces three to four writers getting recognition from the nation's major literary publications. The most recent of them are poet Kim Seon-jae and novelist Kim Tae-yong, who has recently published a collection of short stories The Pig on the Grass. In addition, some graduates are actively involved in children's literature.
  • Graduates are also actively involved in the area of popular arts. Many of them are working for TV/radio as writers and directors. Others are working for publishing companies and advertising companies as creative writers.