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College of Business Administration

  • Office : Economics and Business Building 407
  • Phone : 820-0543
  • Fax : 824-4384
  • Email :

Affiliated School/Department


General Overview

  • The College of Business Administration consists of the School of Business Administration (Business Administration Major and Accounting Major) and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. We acquired an accreditation from Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation (KABEA) in 2008. Soongsil introduced business administration studies in 1959 for the second time in Korea, and established the Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in 1995, continually leading the field of business education in Korea. The College is trying to produce experts in business administration equipped with Christian ethics under the guidance of world-class faculty.

Educational Goals/Objectives

  • We aim to produce practical professionals with procedural knowledge, creative thinking, social responsibility, and excellent leadership based on practical mindset and Christian ethics. For this purpose, we offer practical curricula and encourage entrepreneurship with passion and challenging spirit.