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College of Information Technology

  • Office : Information Science Building 106
  • Phone : 02-820-0932/0933
  • Fax : 02-822-3622
  • Email :
  • Homepage :

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General Overview

  • Since the establishment of the Department of Computing in 1969, the first of its kind in Korea, College of Information Technology has served as a pioneer of IT education in the nation. In 2006, College of Information Sciences was merged with the School of Electronic Engineering to create College of Information Technology. With the catch phrase of ‘Academically and Industrially Incorporated Education System to Produce Integrated IT Professionals', the College has been supported by the government since 2007. We acquired ABEEK accreditation in 2008 and are providing world-class education.

Educational Goals/Objectives

College of Information Technology at Soongsil aims to integrate knowledge and information from engineering, natural science, social science and fine arts to produce creative and responsible experts in information technology. We also encourage our students to cultivate high work ethics based on Christian faiths. Our educational goals and objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • To produce IT experts with Christian ethics;
  • To produce versatile IT experts who can take care of diverse demands from the industry; and
  • To produce IT experts who are willing to be part of future technology.