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College of Engineering

  • Office : Hyungnam Engineering Building 308
  • Phone : 02-820-0603
  • Fax : 02-814-3627
  • Email :

Affiliated Schools and Departments


General Overview

  • College of Engineering explores subjects and technologies that are working as forces that move the world. The College is dedicated to leading the nation's industrial development by opening new courses required to keep pace with new technological developments. To give students more opportunities to have various cultural experiences and help them better use their acquired knowledge and information, we provide them with more courses on culture and art and information management and opportunities to have field experiences. In particular, we introduced in 2009 a new system called Accreditation for Engineering Education to help them grow into a professional engineer.

Educational Goals/Objectives

We aim to produce professional engineers who are creative and responsible in their respective areas of specialization. Specific objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • to teach rational and creative thinking for the information society
  • to nurture need-oriented engineering capabilities by reinforcing experiments, design education and school-industry cooperation
  • to equip students with global perspectives and cultural literacy to enhance competitiveness in the age of globalization
  • to encourage Christian ethics, leadership and service spirit through Christian education