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College of Law

  • Office : Veritas hall 520
  • Phone : 02-820-0463
  • Fax : 02-817-5837
  • Email :

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General Overview

  • College of Law is dedicated to academic excellence and education of legal professionals. We hold international seminars every spring and fall to give students a global perspective. Prominent professors and legal experts are invited to these events and give special lectures to our students. These seminars have proved instrumental in nurturing prospective legal professionals to have expertise in their chosen fields and globalized outlook. The College has provided students with Soong Hyun Kwan since 1977, in which students prepare for civil service tests. Here, students study for exams in a cooperative atmosphere. They share information and materials with each other. On a more academic note, many students are involved in legal study groups such as Civic Code Study Group, Penal Code Study Group, Corporate Law Study Group, Law-and-Economics Study Group, and American Law Study Group, through which they deepen their legal knowledge from the regular classes.

Educational Goals/Objectives

We aim to produce legal professionals who will respect and practice Christian ethics. More specifically, our objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • academic exploration of legal theories and advancement of rule of law
  • training of legal professionals and related work forces
  • producing justice-oriented legal scholars