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College of Humanities


Affiliated Departments


General Overview

  • College of Humanities was founded in 1925 as College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a part of the then Pyongyang Soongsil University. College of Humanities has since served as a pillar of Soongsil and played a role in making Soongsil what it is today. The 12 affiliated departments seek to enrich students' inner spiritual life and help them attain greater maturity as human beings as well as as competent intellectuals.

Educational Goals/Objectives

College of Humanities is based on the Christian philosophy of "Truth and Service", which is also the University's motto. We make every effort to educate students to be liberal-minded professionals who understand the world, the society, and the people.

  • The College educates the students to be experts in their respective fields
  • The College provides a variety of liberal arts subjects, including Christian studies, literature, history, philosophy, education, and physical education.
  • The College makes a special effort to equip the students with foreign language and computer skills for their future jobs in the global environment.