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Soongsil students (at colleges, graduate school, and professional graduate schools) and faculty and staff, or their equivalents

Criteria for selection

Overall consideration based on hometown, gender, GPA, and duration of residence

Application time

  • Continuing students (semester, half-year applicants): Jan. and Jul. each year
  • Vacation applicants: Jun. and Dec.
  • Freshmen: Right after the announcement of ‘regular' admissions
  • For more detail, please call the management office at 828-7299.c

Announcement of the Admissions to the Residence Hall: Feb. and Aug.


Total spaceAbout 8,800 Py (2 floors underground and 12 floors)
Capacities1,403 persons (800 men, 603 women), varying depending on applications
Types of roomsOne-person (41 ea, including 4 ea for the disabled), Two-person (648 ea), Four-person (10 ea), Guest House A (11 ea), Guest House B (15 ea)
Convenience facilitiesCafeteria, convenience store, home-delivery service, multi-purpose room, study room, laundries (separate for men and women), fitness center.

For more information : call Residence Hall (生活馆) at 02-828-7299, 2621, 0100, 0200, 0300.