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SubcommitteClub TitleLocationDescriptionAdvisorFounded in成立
Solidarity Project SubcommitteePeople on the EarthSUB 004Agricultural Issues and Volunteering 1988Ki Hong-seok0164redstone
Eori ClubSUB 206Night School Volunteering for Qualification TestsKim Seong-Hyeon1981home
Club for ChildrenSUB 205Volunteering for Children 1989home
Howu ClubSUB 418Volunteering for the Disabled 1981home
Performance SubcommitteeDamrockjaeTCB 008Classical Guitar Training and Performance 1995home
Korean MusicTCB 020Short Flute, Long Flute, Gayageum Performance 1994home
FlavorSUB 207Street Dance Training and Performance 1999home
People StandingSUB 309Pure Pop Chorus 1981home
PanduriTCB 007Pan Flute Performance 1989home
DumeSUB 011Workers' Folk Song Performance 1987home
Sound VillageSUB 007ROCK-related Performance 1990home
Soongsil DramaAhn Eaktai HallPerformance of New Students and Chapel 1921home
Black SaintsSUB 009Intra- and Inter-varsity Music PerformanceJo Mun-Su1980home
SEDGTCB 021English Drama Production 1976home
JazzloveSUB 411-1Jazz Dance Training and Performance 2001home
Religion SubcommitteeNavigatorTCB 002Bible Study and Missionary ActivitiesKim Wan-Seop1985 
SSUSCASUB 501Missionary Activities 1968home
IVFSUB 504Group Prayer and Bible Study 1980home
JOYSUB 002Missionary Activities 1969home
CCCSUB 213Gospel Activity for SSU 1978home
Catholic Student AssocSUB 508Bible Study and Weekly ActivitiesKim Seok-Yun1974home
Wem2Cumminghall B04Group Prayer and Gospel ActivityYu Su-Hyeon1992home
Creation and Exhibit SubcommitteeDH Literary CircleSUB 312Literary Creation and Exhibits 1974home
World of LightSUB 407Photographying 1971home
SM Literary CircleSUB 503Literary Creation 1978home
Fine VillageSUB 201Fine Arts Activities and Exhibits 1982home
CalligraphySUB 202Calligraphy Training and Exhibits 1974 
Mul-MeSUB 215Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Flash TrainingBaik Du-Won1992home
Cinema ClubSUB 204Workshop and Production for CinemaKim Seon-Wuk1990home
Sports SubcommitteeTennisSUB 416Tennis Training and MatchKang Wi-Kyeong1969home
SSBCTCB 015Basketball Training and Match 1979home
ScubaTCB 004Winter and Summer Camps 1973home
Baseball ClubTCB 016Baseball Training and Match 1984home
VitsalgalmTCB 019Traditional Martial Arts Training and Performance 1993home
SSSCROTC F4Rifle Shooting Training 1981home
Mountain ClimbingTCB 003Mountain Climbing 1964home
Oriental FencingSUB 216Oriental Fencing Training and CompetitionKo Dong-Hwan1993home
TaekwondoTCB 014Taekwondo Training 1987home
SSCTCB 013Soccer training and Match최남선Choi Nam-Sinhome
Academic SUBdies 1st SubcommitteeGyeonggwanSUB 507Inter-varsity activities on Korean Culture 1991home
Age of SeparationSUB 313Historical Studies on Modern-Contemporary KoreaPark Sang-Sin1989home
ArirangSUB 316Historical Field Trips 1988home
Korean SocietySUB 417Study of Korean Soceity 1985 
HSD AcademySUB 001Study of Reunification of Korea 1970home
KUSASUB 415Volunteering and Academic Research 1969home
Academic SUBdies 2nd SubcommitteeBD FriendsSUB 222Go Training 1975home
Game VillageTCB 005Recreation Studies 1986 
Finger AcupunctureSUB 221Finger Acupuncture Training and Volunteering 1990home
PinwheelSUB 008Summer Invention School, Invention Competition 1990home
SS ResearchSUB 217Studies on Public Opinion Polling 1993 
Space Science ResearchSUB 505Space Observation, Academic Research on Space Science 1980home
HAMSUB 509Studies on Radio Waves and Wireless Communications 1980 
SALCSUB 305AKFN Listening and English Studies 1976home
SSCCSUB 005All About Computing 1983home
TIMESUB 311Study of Time Magazine (Asian Edition) 1979home